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The alpaca – that delightful, fluffy and therapeutic animal. Adorable alpacas have already won over many people's hearts, and now you have the opportunity to get to know them more closely.

The experience begins by meeting the alpacas. We watch how the alpacas are fed and cared for and, if possible, you also get to feed an alpaca yourself. Then we go on a forest walk together. You get to lead your very own alpaca friend.

Walking with an alpaca is a real dream. The alpaca is in no rush and it will often stop in its tracks, thinking: “To go, or not to go?” The alpaca also likes to nibble on the offerings of the forest on the way. In other words, you get to enjoy nature in peace and quiet and wonder about the world together with your alpaca friend.

After the forest walk the alpacas are allowed to rest while the rest of the gang moves to the kota cabin for a delicious snack. The open flame is a great place to brew a pot of coffee and fry a few sausages or cook some large griddle pancakes, for example. The food offering is always tailored to the group’s wishes. We can help you prepare the food or, if you so wish, you can talk about the day and its moods amongst yourselves.

Content of the package:

The getting to know the alpacas, taking a forest walk with an alpaca and some snacks in the kota cabin.

Number of persons: 2–10
Duration: 2 h
Price: 30 €/person (incl. VAT 24 %)

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