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7.6.-10.8. open every day from 11am to 6pm.

Puuhapuisto Veijari


Summer jobs


Activity Park Veijari has been one of the largest summer employers in the Saarijärvi area since its founding. Ensuring employee satisfaction and a pleasant work environment for all is important to us. If you are at least 15 years old, you may apply for a summer job with us.

For Activity Park Veijari we are looking for

  • Zookeepers (you may apply to become a zookeeper if you are a student of the field or if you have already graduated as a zookeeper)

  • Grill employees (having a hygiene passport is in your favour)
  • Ticket sellers
  • Garden employees

  • Park employees (maintenance, supervision, organizing ATV rides, etc.)
  • Area employees (cleaning, assisting with pony rides, filling in for ticket sellers, etc.)

For the Kappelilampi summer café we are looking for

  • Café employees (minimum age of 18 years, having an alcohol pass is in your favour)

Working time is 7 h 40 min and mainly takes place between 9:00 – 18:00 The employment lasts for 1 month or longer, taking place in June – August. Orientation of new employees takes place in June and the actual employment period is in July – August. Salary adheres to the collective agreement for amusement, theme and experience parks.

If you are interested in a summer job at Activity Park Veijari, send us a free-form application! Please attach to your application a short description of your hobbies, previous work experience and other factors that might possibly affect your job seeking. Please remember to include your own contact information in the application.

Send your applications and further enquiries to the following address by 31.3.:

Elina and Sami Krook

We call some of the applicants in for interviews via email during April.