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Puuhapuisto Veijari


Recreation for the work crew at veijari

Spend a memorable recreational day at Activity Park Veijari! The Park's beautiful natural surroundings, numerous animal friends and diverse offering of activities offer a unique setting for your work crew's recreational day.

Our experience packages contain activities that both refresh and limber up the body and relax the busy mind. Let’s come together and see what your work community’s specific recreational needs are.

Example of a recreational day

  • Life in the Animal Abode
  • Snacks in the kota cabin
  • Alpaca experience
  • Coffee break 
  • SUP board 
  • Pier yoga
  • Trail of senses
  • Summary of the day at the kota cabin

Studies have shown that being close to animals is a stress-reducing and therapeutic experience.  Work stress simply fades away as you hang out with the multitude of domestic animals or walk in the peace and quiet of the forest with a majestic alpaca. SUP boarding is a nice way to activate one’s muscles and develop balance, and the gentle movements of pier yoga limber and open up the entire body.

On the Trail of Senses you get to experience how the natural environment calms the mind and renews the senses. This might reflect positively on work energy later. The roles of the workplace are also easier to forget in nature and people have a more positive attitude towards those in their company.

This in turn has a positive effect on the cohesion of the work community.

Finally, it is interesting to go over the day in the kota cabin, sharing your feelings and what you have learned about yourself and your work community.

Content of the package:

Let’s come together to create the most rewarding package for your crew. Contact us!
Number of persons: 4–10
Duration: 6 h, klo 9–15
Selling period: April–May, August–October
Price: the price of the example package is €550 / group

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