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Mind broadening trail of senses

Sometimes our everyday lives are a chaotic mess of running from one place to another. It feels like you do not have the time to just breathe and enjoy the moment, or you simply forget to. The atmospheric Trail of Senses offers a chance to come to a stop and awaken all the senses.

The Trail of Senses winds through the entire Park. The Trail takes you through different kinds of areas and moods. You feel how the ground changes from a rooty trail to soft grass to duckboards that clop underneath your feet. You can hear the singing of birds, the hum of wind and the flow of water. The instruction signs along the Trail tell you how to accentuate your senses. On the Trail of Senses you will listen, feel, see and smell. Perhaps you will stop for a relaxing picnic that allows your sense of taste to also get to work. Thanks to two different route options the Trail of Senses is suitable for different activity levels from children to senior citizens.

The Trail of Senses is also an ideal instructive destination for school groups of different ages. Each participant receives a sheet of tasks that makes it interesting and fun to identify different trees and plants, for example. Studying in nature is an exciting change of pace to the classroom.

The Trail of Senses is based on the idea of Green Care. We wish to help improve people’s quality of life through this nature experience. Nature is known to have numerous positive effects on both physical and mental well-being. The calming natural environment invigorates the senses and boosts one’s perceptiveness, concentration and energy levels. This could also reflect positively on one’s learning or coping at work, for example.

Content of the package:

Trail of Senses (a snack at the kota cabin can be included for an additional fee)
Number of persons: 1–10
Duration: 30 min tai 60 min
Price: 10 €/person (incl. VAT 24 %)

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