Opening hours:

7.6.-10.8. open every day from 11am to 6pm.

Puuhapuisto Veijari


Food and drink

When hunger strikes, you can set up a nice picnic in nature or enjoy the treats of the Murkinatori grill café and the Kappelilampi summer café. Our selection also contains local products, baked and grown nearby.


Activity Park Veijari boasts the cosy grill café Murkinatori that offers coffee, ice cream, drinks and sweets in addition to tasty grill dishes. This summer the menu of Murkinatori features such local delicacies as burger steaks from Hukanmäki farm and bread rolls from the Äijänen home bakery. Vegetarians have also been taken into account as the menu contains the veggie burger and the veggie basket.

The Kappelilampi pier houses a pleasant summer café that also serves mild alcoholic beverages in addition to regular café products.

You may also enjoy your own packed lunch at the Park. The Refreshment Park is the perfect place for a picnic and the barbecue shelter and kota cabin are always stocked with firewood and charcoal so you can grill your own food. Please note that you are able to purchase matches separately from the grill café or ticket booth at the price of 20 cents / box.


Groups have the opportunity to dine on the atmospheric terrace of the Murkinatori grill café. Please note that the prices require joint payment and advance reservation. Meals are invoiced based on the number of persons on the order. Please choose only one warm main dish per group.

Food reservations must be confirmed via email one week before the visit to the Park. Please include at least the following information with your reservation:

  • Number of persons (with children/adults separated)
  • Dining time
  • Special wishes / special diets

Please let us know of possible changes to your order by noon on the day preceding your visit at the latest. Group dining reservations for July are made by the end of June.

We cooperate with the restaurant Saarijärven Rustiinna and they are able to conjure up charming and delicious group menus.

Group dining options by advance reservation in the summer of 2023:

  • Wiener soup €8.50 / person
  • Macaroni casserole €9,90 / person
  • Chicken pasta casserole €9,90 / person

All dishes are lactose-free and the price contains a drink, grated side dish (not included in the soup), bread and spread. Please contact us regarding other special diets and food allergies. We will take care of these at no extra charge.

Dining-related enquiries and reservations/confirmations:

+358 400 621 663 or

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