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Puuhapuisto Veijari


Fluffy den

Fluffy den

The Fluffy Den has been conquered by charming rabbits of many different breeds and appearances. The Den is also home to adorable scurrying little rodents.



Breed: French lop
Age: 6 years
Sex: female

The French lop is largest lop-eared breed of rabbits with an ideal weight of over 5.5 kg. By nature they are usually genial and friendly to humans. However, French lops are not the best rabbits to hold on your lap because of their size. Their hind legs pack quite a kick and this must be remembered when dealing with these rabbits. French lops, like other large rabbits, need a lot of roaming space. Halla really enjoys being pet and she is a courageous rabbits. She has given birth a few times and one of Halla’s kittens, Vanilja, also lives in the park.

Breed: Californian
Age: 1 years
Sex: female

The Californian is a large breed of rabbit with a ideal weight of over 4 kg. Their base colour is white and their colour marks are either black, brown or blue. The eyes of the Californian are red and their head pattern consists of ear patterns and a mask. Its legs and tail are also coloured. Yllättävä is a social rabbit that always comes to see what’s happening when the door of the cage is opened. Yllättävä moved to the park in the summer of 2019.

Breed: mini lop
Age: 1 year
Sex: male

The mini lop is a kind of pygmy rabbit and it is one of the most popular breeds of pet rabbits. Its small size and social character make it an ideal pet. Mini lops weigh some 1.5 – 1.9 kg. Dumbo is one of the most recent newcomers to the park and he is still young male rabbit. He celebrated his first birthday in the spring of 2020.

Breed: Polish
Age: under 1
Sex: female

Polish rabbits are one of the smallest breeds of rabbit with an ideal weight of only 0.8 – 1.3 kg. Polish rabbits are small and round with really short stubby ears. Shotti arrived at the park in the summer of 2019 and turned one year old in 2020. By nature, Shotti is a fast and quite timid rabbit.

Breed: New Zealand red
Age: 3 years
Sex: female

The New Zealand red is a sizeable fox-red breed of rabbit. It’s ideal weight is over 4 kg. This breed originated in the USA. Despite their large size these rabbits are usually very friendly and relaxed creatures. They have a short fur, large head and hefty cheeks. Mymmeli is a little shy yet extremely kind rabbit. In the park it lives together with Halla’s daughter Vanilja.

Breed: Argenté
Age: 6 years
Sex: female

The Argenté is one of the larger rabbit breeds. Argenté rabbits weigh at least 4.6 kg. This breed was developed in France. Argentés are truly beautifully coloured as the white tips of their hair give their fur a silvery hue.  Argentés are born black, among other colours, and become silvery as they age. In addition to black, this breed features blue, natural yellow, natural grey and brown. Annabella is a little reserved by nature, but she is very kind and truly impressive to look at.

Hattara ja Pehmis
Breed: teddy lop
Age: Hattara is 2.5 years old and Pehmis 1.5 years old
Sex: female

Hattara is the mother of Pehmis. Both of them are blue-eyed teddy lops. The teddy lop is not an official breed in Finland and it is only bred in small numbers. The fur of teddy lops grows really long and it is very fluffy and fine. This means that the fur demands a lot of care and daily brushing to avoid tangling. Like with Angora rabbits, the fur must be cut short every once in a while. The teddy lop is a relatively small rabbit but its massive fur makes it appear larger. When its fur is long, is not always obvious at a glance whether you are looking at the front or back end of the rabbit.

Breed: teddy lop
Age: 4 years
Sex: male

Kristoff is also a teddy lop. He is a very curious and brave rabbit who likes to spend time on people’s lap.

Breed: French lop/Wiener
Age: 3 years
Sex: female

Vanilja is a mix of two large rabbit breeds and the daughter of Halla. Her fur is a fun two-colour mix. Vanilja is a very hefty lady. She will spend this summer in the warren of the Peukalopuro pen together with Mymmeli and her daughters. These five rabbits are very good friends with each other.

Breed: Wiener/Californian mix
Age: 2 years
Sex: male

As his name suggests, Salmiakki (or Salty Liquorice) is pitch black. He has a beautiful shiny and short coat.  Salmiakki is a quite large rabbit and both of his parents represent large rabbit breeds. He is one of the most social and brave rabbits in the park.


Fancy rats: Moto, Turbo and Vinski
Gerbils: Pimpula, Pampula and Pompula 
Talvikko (Russian dwarf hamster): Mimosa 
Roborovskit (Russian dwarf hamsters): Tiuhti and Viuhti 
Guinea pigs: Lilli, Kurre, Kuukunen, Lumi and Kinder 


Rabbits are lagomorphs, not rodents.  The most important staple of a rabbit’s diet is high-quality hay.  Eating dry and bladed hay keeps their digestive system and teeth in order. The teeth of a rabbit are open-rooted, meaning that they grow all the time, so they also need something hard to chew on, such as the branches of broadleaf trees. The pregnancy of a rabbit lasts for some 30 days and it gives birth in a nest made of fur and hay to a litter of one to up to a dozen or so kittens, depending on the breed. The kittens are born blind and helpless. The mother visits the nest to feed the kittens only once or twice per day.