Opening hours:

7.6.-10.8. open every day from 11am to 6pm.

Puuhapuisto Veijari


Animal abode

Animal abode

In the Animal Abode you get to meet many kind of adorable and fascinating domestic animals – you might even find some you have never seen before! The daily schedule of Activity Park Veijari contains animal care moments during which the zookeeper talks about the animals and their life. During these occasions you also have the opportunity to pet or feed the inhabitants of the Animal Abode together with the keeper.


Shetland ponies
Riina (Valeriina), mare, b. 2003
Viola (Violet Wallaby), mare, b. 1999
Zero, gelding, b. 2009

Mini horses
Peltsi (Baily), stallion, b. 2013
Arska (Bandit of the Ark), gelding, b. 2014
Roze, mare, b. 2014

Samppa (Särkän Samuel), gelding, b.1998


Samuli the Donkey, or Samppa, was born in Särkänniemi and has lived in Veijari for over 14 years now. Samppa is 22 years old. He lives together with Shetland ponies Viola, Riina and Zero. They are his best friends. Donkeys are self-willed and wise animals. Their calm demeanour is very soothing. If a horse gets spooked, it darts away. A donkey usually just stands its ground and considers what it should do next.

Peacock pigeons
The flock contains a rock pigeon named Snow and 14 pigeon friends.

Gallopheasant and Lady Amherst’s

Pheasant Flock of bronze turkeys

Amanda, breed: Finnsheep
Titi-Muru, breed: Finnsheep
Anna, breed: Finnsheep
Tiinu, breed: Rygja
Vilhelmiina, breed: Finnsheep/Texel mix

Karkki, breed: Texel

The sheep and the ram live on the stream pasture by the Oasis of Fish.

Paavo (Felix del Infierno), b. 2010
Eemeli (Emil del Infierno), b. 2009
Poika (Onnenmaan Boika), b. 2012
Beksu (Berserk from Wuthering Heights), b. 2017

In memoriam:
Heatcliff (Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights), b. 2017 d. 2020

Mangalica pigs
Börje ja Onerva b. 2017


In memoriam of mini pigs:

Maisa ja Molla b. 2013 d. 2021

African pygmy goats
Oliver, wether, b. 2018
Hilda, nanny, b. 2019
Hilja, nanny, b. 2015
Sisko, nanny, n. 2013
Hilda is Hilja and Oliver’s kid, and Sisko is Hilja’s mother.
Hannu, wether (= castrated ram)
Ilona, nanny
Finngoat/African pygmy goat mix Martta, nanny

Sky, peacock
Stella ja Sirena, peahens

Mini chickens

In memoriam:

William, breed: serama d. 2020
Sointu, breed: chabo
Soma, breed: chabo
Likka, breed: silkie
Leidi, breed: serama/silkie

Large chickens
Kiekuu, breed: mix
The flock contains eight giant chickens of the brahma and giant cochin varieties.


When one of the chickens lays an egg, three chickens took turns hatching it. Eventually, a little chick hatched from the egg and all three chickens tended and cared for it together.