Opening hours:

7.6.-10.8. open every day from 11am to 6pm.

Puuhapuisto Veijari


Activity park Veijari


Activity Park Veijari is a warm and welcoming family-owned company. The park combines the peace and quiet of nature with fast-paced activities and adorable animals. The park and its inhabitants are taken good care of by Elina and Sami Krook together with their daughter Isla.

Activity Park Veijari was initially opened in 1988 under the name Saarijärven Vesieläinpuisto (Saarijärvi Aquatic Animal Park). We began as park entrepreneurs in February 2018. It is important to us that children get to exercise, play and enjoy themselves while taking in fresh outdoor air. Everything we do reflects a respect for nature and appreciation for animals. We wish to offer memorable and unique experiences to all of our guests regardless of age. We are able to entertain the whole family from toddlers to grandparents.


The wonderful 10 hectare area of the park can accommodate even larger groups. The main passages of the park are unobstructed and we also have toilets equipped for childcare and disabled guests. Activity Park Veijari is home to many domestic animals and you also get to meet more exotic species. The number of individual animals is over 150! The activities of the park are mainly powered by muscles and elbow grease, and the varying terrain of the park alone encourages visitors to move on both land and water. In the summer 2022 the park’s wristband remains valid through the next day as well – at no additional charge – so you do not have to fit everything into one day.


Hunger is sure to strike at some point during the day at the park. Our grill café offers tasty dishes to keep hunger away and small treats to satiate the sweet tooth. The Kappelilampi summer café offers refreshments with a license to serve alcohol and the option to enjoy a delicious soft serve ice cream on the sunny pier area. Visitors may also bring in their own packed lunch and they have access to a kota cabin, as well as our delightful picnic areas. Souvenirs, sweets, refreshments and ice cream can be found at the ticket booth.


Activity Park Veijari is located in the scenic Kolkanlahti in Saarijärvi, around the clear Kappelilampi pond. The mysterious Peukalopuro valley is like a fairy tale forest where you get to go on adventures on criss-crossing trails and duckboards. The park allows you to detach yourself for a moment from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the calming and relaxing power of nature. Here you can feel the lush forest around you and hear the soothing flow of water. Nature, animals and humans in harmony with each other.

We welcome you to our park to spend a summer day filled with action and experiences!                                                Best regards, The Krook family

Come and meet Veijari!

Something fluffy is peeking out from behind the bushes of the mystical Peukalopuro valley. It is Veijari, a jovial resident of the park, lounging on a patch of moss in the shade of a spruce tree.

You can recognise Veijari from its oversized pants that are held up by suspenders. The forest-green cap is Veijari’s favourite accessory. It stays on even at night. Veijari might seem a bit timid, but if you gently tug on its suspenders, it is sure to come play with you.

If you see ears going up and down behind a bush, it means Veijari is super excited! Then it jumps, bounces and prances around. A good thing its pants have those suspenders!

The other inhabitants of the park are Veijari’s best friends. He spends a lot of time with the alpacas especially, and they sometimes go on forest walks together. These walks momentarily calm down even the busy and sprightly Veijari.

You might bump into Veijari every now and again during your day in the park. Schedules are not Veijari’s thing, but it often likes to welcome visitors at the park’s gate.

Little pranks and funny tricks – these are Veijari’s favourite pastime. Once Veijari tricked park owners Elina and Sami and swapped the places of their morning slippers. Oh, how they wondered how their feet could grow or shrink so much in just one night!

Have you heard that Veijari knows magic tricks? At least according to Veijari’s own words, it is a great magician. Veijari also likes to surprise people with various stunts, such as inviting them to a mysterious treasure hunt.